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In our everyday line of work, we are constantly exposed to extreme stress and traumatic events but avoid the conversation that the human mind and body is not designed to process that information. Not only are we not designed to process it, it is extremely detrimental to our wellbeing. We act as though because we love our professions that we can not admit to struggling with these issues. 

Bringing awareness and education to this subject is the key to stopping the suicides and unhealthy coping mechanisms. We need to break through the stigma that says stress and PTSD is a sign of weakness. It's your strength. It's what makes you YOU. Hero 2 Hero, empowers through the effects of stress & PTSD in our careers as healthcare workers and first responders.

YOU Enhancement



Your strength discovered and enhanced

Workshops to bond and ignite your team

Tactical strategies to evaluate team needs  


Evaluation of current coping mechanisms

The Journey

Develop a roadmap to expand your superpowers


Custom presentations to teams or groups

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